Courtesy Call of Ambassador of Poland in Bangkok
December 7, 2017
พิธีปิดโครงการพัฒนานักบริหารระดับกลาง มหาวิทยาลัยมหิดล รุ่นที่ 16 Mahidol University Executives Development Program (MU-EDP #16)
December 7, 2017

Mahidol​ ​Quality​ ​Fair​ ​2017:​ ​Maximizing​ ​Value​ ​-​ ​Minimizing​ ​Waste


On ​28th​ ​November ​2017, Prof. ​Banchong ​Mahaisavariya, ​M.D., Acting ​President ​of ​Mahidol ​University, presided ​over Mahidol ​Quality ​Fair ​2017 at ​Prince ​Mahidol ​Hall, ​Mahidol ​University, ​Salaya ​Campus. Assoc. ​Prof. ​Sompop Prathanturarug, ​Ph.D., ​Acting ​Vice ​President ​for ​Quality Development introduced the background of the event. The fair was ​hosted ​by ​Division ​of ​Quality ​Development ​for ​the ​4th​ ​consecutive ​year ​under the ​theme “Maximizing ​Value ​- ​Minimizing ​Waste”. It aimed at building an ​inspiration ​among ​university staffs ​for ​quality ​works, ​self-development, ​work development which is believed to lead ​to university ​development.

There ​were also ​”Team ​Good ​Practice ​Award” ​granted ​to ​3 ​faculties ​for ​their ​best ​teamwork ​creativity, including Faculty ​of ​Medicine ​Siriraj ​Hospital, ​Faculty ​of ​Medicine ​Ramathibodi ​Hospital, ​and ​Faculty ​of Information ​and ​Communication ​Technology. There was also ​”Innovative ​Teaching ​Award” ​presented ​to any new teaching ​processes ​and ​activities ​or ​new ​method ​of ​measurement ​and ​evaluation ​which lead ​to ​the improvement of learning outcomes. The faculties receiving the award were Faculty ​of ​Medicine ​Siriraj ​Hospital ​and ​Ratchasuda College.

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