The Symbolic Plant

Kan phai Mahidol

Kan phai Mahidol (Afgekia mahidoliae B. L. Burtt & Chermsir.), the symbolic plants of Mahidol University, was named to commemorate the late Princess Mother, Somdej Phra Sri Nakarindra Boromarajajonnani (then Princess Srisangwan Mahidol). It is a rare tropical plant found in limestone mountains in the western side of Thailand. One among only three known species in the genus, A. mahidoliae is a climber in the pea family (Fabaceae). The plant possesses purplish and whitish pea-like florets in inflorescences which are usually in blooms during August to November..[More]

Continually Expanding in the New Millennium

Recognizing the challenges facing humanity in the new millennium and the fundamental responsibility of higher education institutions to assist in meeting those challenges, Mahidol University follows a policy of constant expansion in the breadth and depth of its facilities and academic endeavors. By remaining globally aware and staying abreast of new academic discoveries and technologies worldwide, Mahidol University continues not only to meet the needs of Thailand for education, training and research, but through internationalization, the needs of the global community as well.