Mr.Somchat Panakasem

Director, Division of Education Administration

Ms. Anuch Jiravanchaikul

Director, Division of Finance

Mr. Nipon Krutkreusri

Director, Division of General Administration

Mr. Theerapan Vimolsaravong

Director, Division of Information Technology

Ms. Wanpimon Senapadpakorn

Acting Director, Division of International Relations

Mr. Kanaphot Phuengphung

Director, Division of Legal Affairs

Ms. Jariya Panya

Director, Division of Personnel

Mr. Manoch Lexdumrong

Director, Division of Physical and Environment

Ms. Paveena Lavansiri

Director, Division of Planning

Mrs.Harutai Thiangtham

Division of Quality Development

Ms. Maneerat Chompuk

Director, Research Management and Development Division

Mrs. Kirati Sornkum

Director, Division of Student Affairs

Dr. Eakpant Pindavanija Ph.D.

Director, Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies

Mr. Thanya Suksamai

Director, Risk Management Center

Assoc. Prof. Chatchawan Silpakit

Director, Contemplative Education Center

Assoc. Prof. Wariya Chinwanno

Director, International Demonstration School

Asst. Prof. Surapong Lertsithichai, Ph.D.

Director, Center for Creative Economy Project

Mr. Panya Tamrongteerakul

Director, Asset Management Center

Director, Center of Ethical Reinforcement for Human Research

Mrs.Suwanna janesawatpong

Director, Internal Audit Center