1. Under Student Affairs Supervision

Sport Rooms, 3rd floor Mahidol Learning Center (please call 02-849-4525)
Division of Student Affairs has three sport rooms 1.Fitness room 2.Table Tennis room 3.Squad room and have service hours as follows
First SemesterMon – Fri11.00 AM. – 21.00 PM.
Sat12.00 AM. – 18.00 PM.
Second SemesterMon – Fri11.00 AM. – 21.00 PM.
Sat12.00 AM. – 18.00 PM.
End of SemesterMon – Fri11.00 AM. – 17.00 PM.
Note  Students must use smart card and staffs must use fingerprint scanner before entering sport rooms.

2. Under Faculty Supervision

Office of sports and fitness activities is the center of exercise, sport complex services, health-promoting activities, sport learning, and sport competition for students, staffs, and outsider. It consists of multi-purpose building ( 3,000 seats, air-conditioning and modern sound system), Indoor stadiums for 11 types of sports such as football, athletics, basketball, futsal, volleyball, swimming pool, petanque, sepaktakraw, hoop takraw, badminton and tennis.

Service hours

Every day from 8.30 am – 8.30 pm (Tel. 024414295 – 8 and push 102 or 108)

• 2 big size outdoor football fields with 600 seats grandstand (at the cover side)
• Athletic fields with 8 synthetic rubber tracks
• 2 synthetic rubber standard size outdoor basketball fields with lighting systems
• Synthetic rubber standard size outdoor futsal field
• Standard size parquet floor indoor volleyball court
• 2 standard size indoor sepaktakraw fields with lighting systems and grandstand
• Standard size outdoor hoop takraw field
• Standard size outdoor volleyball court
• Standard size indoor basketball with grandstand
• Indoor multi-purpose sport field

Every day from 8.30 am – 8.00 pm (Tel. 024414295 – 8 push 107)

• 50 m size swimming pool (25m x 50m x 1.8m) and 25 m size (25m x 25m x 1.4m)
• Driving pool (deep 6m and height 10m), children swimming pool, and U shape swimming pool

Every day from 7.00 am – 9.00 pm (Tel. 024414295 – 8 push 109)

• 32 standard size pétanque fields with lighting systems
• 9 standard size outdoor tennis court with rubber flooring with lighting systems
• 9 standard size badminton court with lighting systems

Sport and Recreation Centre, Division of physical systems and Environment (Tel. 024414400 push 1114)

• Rugby – Football field behind Ramathibodi Hospital Nursing Student
Every day from 7.00 am – 9.00 pm (Tel. 024419231)
Every day from 12.00 am – 8.30 pm except weekend and public holiday (Tel. 028494525)