Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services unit, the Division of Student Affairs is set up for helping and supporting disability students to equivalent access university educational systems same as others, reducing barriers and providing personal essential support services to help disability students achieve their educational goals. Also, create community that disability students can live along with other students well.

Type of services

1. Facilitate the exam such as extended time or read the exam paper, etc.
2. Produce learning media such as braille documents, media images, and enlarged documents, etc.
3. Facility Technology Services
4. Volunteer services
5. Counseling services
6. Translation and narrator services

Student Services Disability / Location
Mahidol University There are 2 points for disabled students.

1. Disability Support Services Unit, Division of Student Affairs, Mahidol University Service disability students from every college and faculty on any campus Location: Volunteer Center, 1st floor, Mahidol Learning Center, Mahidol university Salaya campus
Tel. 0-2849-4500 push 4214
E-mail: mahidol.dss@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dssmahidol
2. Disability Support Services Ratchasuda College Service disability students from Ratchasuda College
Location: Ratchasuda College, 111 m.6 Phutthamonthon 4th road, Salaya, Nakornprathom 73170
Tel. 0-2889-5315-9 push 1114
Website: http://www.rs.mahidol.ac.th/thai/student/dss.html