Mahidol- IITB Online Research Workshop for the Mathematics Department
September 13, 2021

Macquarie – Mahidol Synthetic Biology Research Workshop

On Friday 10th September 2021, Mahidol University in associated with Macquarie University launched the Synthetic Biology Research Workshop via zoom platform. The objectives of the workshop were to share research interests and initiate opportunities for further research collaboration.
The program started with the opening remarks from both sides:
Prof. Sakkie Pretorius, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Macquarie University
Assoc. Prof. Nopraenue Sajjarax Dhirathiti, Vice President for International Relations and Corporate Communication, Mahidol University
Prof. Magnus Nyden, Executive Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Macquarie University

This workshop focused on three key areas on synthetic biology research which were “Neuroscience”, “Metabolomics and Lipidomics, Glycomics and Proteomics”, and “Microbiomes” in the four-breakout room session. The speakers were comprised of 9 representatives from Macquarie Synthetic Biology delegates and 13 representatives from the Institute of Molecular Biosciences, the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, and the Faculty of Pharmacy with about 50 participants from both sides joined the workshop. Also joined in the workshop was Prof. Dr. Pattarachai Kiratisin, Director, Institute for Technology and Innovation Management, Mahidol University