Sireeruckhachati Nature Learning Park


Sireeruckhachati Nature Learning Park

is situated in the compound of Mahidol University, Phuttamonthon 4 Road, Salaya, Phuttamonthon, Nakhon Pathom.

Sireeruckhachati” Nature Park started off as “Sireeruckhachati ” medicinal plant garden which has been initiated since 1982 by Professor Dr. Natth Bhamarapravati, the President of Mahidol University and Professor Payao Muengwongyard, Head of pharmaceutical botany, Faculty of Pharmacy. The objectives are conservation of Thai medicinal plants for the study, self-learning and research and development as well as the green and recreated area for students and staffs in Salaya campus.

Her Majesty Queen Sirikit graciously named this medicinal plant garden “Sireeruckhachati ” and Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn presided over the official opening ceremony on 8 August 1988.

In 1993, “Sireeruckhachati Medicinal Plant Garden” was honored with Mahidol University Award in the Service Category and “Outstanding National Project in the Natural Resources and Environment Conservation Category” from the National Identity Board, Office of the Prime Minister in 1996.

In 2007 Clinical Professor Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn M.D., the President of Mahidol University, upgraded Sireeruckhachati medicinal plant garden to nature park for the study of Thai medicinal plants and also serve as ecotourism park. The former garden was expanded to 55 acres to accommodate various activities for both local and international levels. Her Majesty the Queen graciously renamed to “Sireeruckhachati Nature Learning Park” on 22 April 2510. The next Presidents of Mahidol University, Professor Rachata Rachatanawin M.D. and Clinical Professor Udom Kachintorn M.D., carried on and provided further support to this project and made it a nature park in honor of Her Majesty the Queen.