What is AT?

AT or Activity Transcript is the certificate for extracurricular activities. AT system will record activity hours of students until they graduate. Students can check their AT progress at and they will get AT certificate to use as their employment application and etc.

Why do you need AT?

• Because AT is the standard systems to record your activity hours and collect them in university database. Students can check their progress online anytime.
• Many companies and organizations have similar views on importance of extracurricular activities. Therefore, AT is one of importance documents to show with your employment application.
• Mahidol University will use all AT data to analyze for the suitable activities to develop desired characteristics of the graduates.

How to obtain your AT?

1. Register AT systems or verification (in case of already have your name in database) at
2. Choose and join your interested activities on AT website or directly to those activities staffs.
3. Join the activity you choose on the schedule.
4. Please check for activities you attended and activity hours at AT website. If you see any errors please contact activities staffs or Activity Transcript Center.
5. For nearly graduate students, please verify qualifications to obtain AT certificate. If you meet the qualification, you can request for AT certificate to show your extracurricular activities from university.