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January 30, 2017
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January 30, 2017

Anti-Drowsy Driving Alarm (Alertz)

Nowadays, there are 111 million trucks in logistics system. In South-east Asia countries, there are more than 10 million truck, but the value of accident from drowsy driving in Thailand is 400 thousand US dollars/year and are increasing every year. So researcher invent an anti-drowsy driving alarm device to prevent an accident via using brain signal.

An anti-drowsy driving alarm device is an innovation to detect a possibility of drowsiness before driver have a drowsy behavior and get an accident. The main technology is an integration of brain signal in Pre-frontal area and eye’s motion during driving. Head movement during driving is also integrated in the system. Moreover, wireless communication was implemented and available to interface to smartphone.
Provider : JetsadaArnin, TraisakYamsa-ard, PreechapawanTriponyuwasin, PongsakornWechakarn, DollapornAnopas, Asst.Prof. YodchananWongwawat