Recycling Program

Policies for paper and plastic usage reductions

Mahidol University policy to reduce paper consumption aim to decrease by 15 percent in the year 2017
1. MU 3R policy

A. Reduce

Office of the president have a plastic bag usage reduction campaign

B. Reuse

- Tumbler Project

Mahidol University Salaya are proud the "Tumbler Project" and wound like to encourage everyone to bring your own mugs, glasses or cups to buy hot/cold beverages and get the discount at the following shops.

Shops at International College save 1-5 Baht discount

  1. Chicky Chick 1 Baht discount (only beverage)
  2. For You Smoothies 2 Baht discount
  3. Get A 3 Baht discount
  4. Inthanin Coffee 5 Baht discount

Nan Coffee House at Division of Physical System and Development save 2 Baht discount

Sole House at Faculty of Environment and Resource Study Save 2 Baht discount

- Green market

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C. Recycle

Recycling Bin


Recycle Bin and Toxic Waste Bin Faculty of Science,

Waste segregation campaign

Infectious waste bags
Contaminated glass trash
Trash for used gloves
Trash for chemical uesd
Unknow chemical container
Chemical waste container
2. Mahidol Eco University Meeting
Link : Mahidol ECO University
3. Waste Separation and Storage Plant
4. Recycle Bank

Initiated by the Deputy Director of the Physical and Environment System who foresee the emerging garbage problem as an important environmental issue that requires collaboration from everyone and every organization, Mahidol University as an leading academic institution thus contributes to the environmental campaign in reducing the social and global garbage burden by launching the Garbage Recycle Bank Project. The university hopes to become the prototype for other organizations to follow. The aims of the Recycle Bank Project are as follows:

  1. To promote the responsible conscious and care for the society and environment as well as the habit in separating the garbage for students and university personnel.
  2. Create participatory scheme for the students and staff to take part in environmental protection on campus through reduction in waste and garbage.
  3. To effectively manage the garbage and create added value to the garbage.
  4. Build the positive image for the university to be an education institution that cares for the society and environmental problem.

The staff, students, organization, and store owners may deposit their recyclable garbage at the Environmental Conservation Building, Physical and Environmental Division during official hours every Friday. The Garbage Recycle Bank will issue a passbook on that day, and the depositor may withdraw that amount of money immediately or accumulate for later withdrawal.

Pricing of the Items Deposited into the Garbage Bank

Items List Purchasing price (Baht / Kg)
1 A4 paper (black/white) 7.00
2 Brown box 3.00
3 Newspaper 4.00
4 Notebook and book 2.00
5 Aluminum can 35.00
6 Glass bottle--- 11.00
7 Clear plastic water bottle 13.50
8 Turbid plastic water bottle 19.00
9 Mixed plastic containers 9.00
10 Mixed garbage 9.00
11 Mixed glass bottles 1.00
12 Other types of aluminum container 4.50
13 Thick metal 8.00
14 Thin metal 7.00
15 Clean plastic bag 4.00

*** Effective October 01, 2014 – December 28, 2014***


Total amount of waste recycled 2009-2014

Waste Management and Cleanliness Committee Announcement

The costs of recycled material, Tram transport maps


5. Waste Recycle Buiding

The waste recycle building handles the collection and separation of waste that was sold to the waste collection center by the member. There are 5 storage rooms for the recyclable wastes (1. Plastic 2. Glass 3. Metal 4.Paper 5.Other).

6. General Waste Storage Building

The general waste storage building have storage capacity 4-5 ton/day, with a temperature control system that prevent spread of bacteria and also have the drainage system that connected to the treatment plant. Waste transportation and disposal services by Salaya Municipality of everyday.