Paper and plastic usage reduction policy

Mahidol University policy to reduce paper consumption

No foam policy

Paper usage reduction activities
Plastic usage reduction activities

Reduce using plastic bag on Office of the President

Tumbler Project

Mahidol University Salaya are proud the "Tumbler Project" and wound like to encourage everyone to bring your own mugs, glasses or cups to buy hot/cold beverages and

Shops at International College save 1-5 Baht discount

  1. Chicky Chick 1 Baht discount (only beverage)
  2. For You Smoothies 2 Baht discount
  3. Get A 3 Baht discount
  4. Inthanin Coffee 5 Baht discount

Nan Coffee House at Division of Physical System and Development save 2 Baht discount

Sole House at Faculty of Environment and Resource Study Save 2 Baht discount