Environment and Sustainability courses

General Education

Mahidol University Council define postgraduate programmes classification of general education subjects is not less than 30 credits. All students take 16 credits consists of core subjects 7 credits, language subjects 9 credits and the program administrators should consider an appropriate of remain 14 credits. There should be continuous throughout the course and integrating continuing professional development subjects/ specialized subjects. For core subjects 7 credits including of

มมศท 101 General Education for Human Development 2 credits

Emphasis on cognition the purpose of general education subjects, qualifications of graduates, the development to potential of the recognition data, potential pursuits, the importance of mental development to the social consciousness, intellectual development to the solution.

มมศท 102 Social Studies for Human Development 3 credits

มมศท 103 Arts and Science for Human Development 2 credits

มมศท 102 & มมศท 103 are core subjects based on the principles and guidelines of มมศท 101subjects to gain insight into the basic knowledge about social both of Thailand social and the world social in various aspect. Including the influence of the renaissance which will be useful for more knowledge. To provide a broader perspective is to understand the time period, understand the historical, pros and cons of the community societies and countries as a basis for the analysis and synthesis solutions to social problems.

Number of courses related to environment and sustainability offerred

***Data at December 2015