Sustainable Environment at MU


Sireerukachat Botanical Natural Learning Park


Sireerukachart Botanical Natural Garden was established in 1981 on the area of 31 rai (12.4 acre). The garden contains approximately 1,000 kinds of herbs and over 100,000 trees. It is considered the most complete site for learning about herbs in town. Recently, Mahidol University has a plan to develop this garden and surrounding reserve space of 171 rai (68.4 acre) to a world class conservation area. It will turn old traditional Thai wisdom into a model for modern environmental studies and plant conservation of Thailand. The botanical garden consists of 4 learning centers: Learning Center for Herbs, Herb Studies and Wetland Preservation Center, Center for Plant and Herb Genetic Conservation, and Center for Transformative Learning. In




Clean and Green Landscape

Currently, the Salaya Campus experiences deterioration due to the lack of care and proper maintenance. Accumulation of leaves and weeds occur along with thick bushes.

Thus, the university plans a short term landscape improvement inside the campus. The focus will be around teaching and learning areas, aiming to create a more pleasant learning, working, and activities atmosphere. It will promote the quality of life and preserve the environment as well as develop various areas for students and staff for further use. In addition, a well organized environment promotes a safer learning environment (from harmful and poisonous animals)


MU Garden

Mahidol university has launched the “MU Garden” project in the Salaya Campus in order to improve the welfare for students and staffs as well as the university's landscape. The project will plant both floral and ornamental plants in the campus. Plants in this project, which are nurtured under a green house in accordance with the technical basis, will be used for decoration in a garden or any special events. Moreover, these plants will be offered for those who interested. Every purchase will be brought to the support the fund for environmental conservation activities.


Organic Vegetable Demonstration Farm

In May 2008 at Bhuttamonthon District, Mrs. Praneet Keawvichit, Bhuttamonthon District Agriculture Officer, presented the Self-Sufficient Health Unit Project , which is a collaborative project between Salaya Herbal Converter Housewives Community Enterprise Group and Bhuttamonthon District, and Mahidol University . This project aims to optimize land development inside the campus, and it will use the four acres of land beside the Faculty of Medical Technology to grow chemical-free produce. The goals are as follows:

  1. Produce quality, fresh, clean, and safe vegetables for consumption and distribution
  2. Create employment for the community
  3. Utilize the land inside the campus for a beneficial purpose as well as preserve the soil, water, and environment

This project, planned for 3 years, started in June 2008. The farmers are responsible for land preparation, dig canal, construct dirt dam, improve the soil quality, and many others. The university provides the support by constructing the water sprinkle system.

The farmers started the project since June 2008 by planting the seeds of the first vegetable batch at the end of August 2008. They are planting various rotating crops, homegrown vegetables, and orchard. The first produce was collected since Oct 2008.

Mahidol University built The Cottage by MU. The Cottage by MU is a one story tall house with 129 m2 of utilizing space. It has restroom and patio on the 3 sides, locating next to the chemical-free vegetable garden. The service tram line 1 (yellow line) and line 3 (red line) service the facility. The goals of The Cottage by MU are as follow:

  • Market products produced by organizations in Mahidol University. This includes produce from the chemical-free vegetables garden by Salaya Herbal Converter Housewives Community Enterprise Group
  • Act as the centre of goods or health products distribution inside the campus
  • Servicing the students and staff of the university. Supporting the purchase of healthy and fair priced products

The Cottage by MU is under the care and control of Committee of Standardization of Stores and Cafeteria, Mahidol University, and is operated by a private entrepreneur selected by the university. The committee approved Mr. Chaiyapob Leungjindarut, owner of the Roll Queen Shop to operate the Cottage by MU. Roll Queen sells food and beverage as well as produce from Chemical-Free Produce Project. The Cottage by MU (Roll Queen) was opened on Monday, November 9th, 2009.


White ducks courts and pond

The court offers green area next to a large pond covering the area of 7 rai (2.8 acre).The name implies the main landmark of the court,a flock of white artificial ducks walking down the pond on one side and walking up on the other.