MLC (Green Building)

The concepts in the design

1. Shows the technology and innovation in learning, blending the wisdom from the east and the excellence of Mahidol

  • M = Mastery
  • A = Altruism
  • H = Harmony
  • I = Integrity
  • D = Determination
  • O = Originality
  • L = Leadership

2. Consider the surrounding, budget, and energy conservation. Provides convenience and accessibility for the handicap and connect to the Master layout

3. Use local made raw materials for construction with the emphasis in durability and ease of care and maintenance.

Building features

The Mahidol Learning Center is a 4 stories building with a mezzanine level. A total space of 36,322.66 m2 is available. The architecture is in the tropical architecture style, and it consists of an innovation center, computer lab, 400 seats auditorium, mini-theater, exhibition area, courtyard, book store, Mahidol Cooperative Office, Mahidol University Alumni Association Office, Mahidol Student Association, Student Council, clubs, gift shops, cafeteria, indoor sport facilities, market square, and amphitheater. The courtyard is connected to the Chao Fah Garden.

Most importantly, the Mahidol Learning Center will be the center for activities and hosting of special as well as official events.

1. Prince Mahidol of Songkla Museum – exhibits the biography and historical items related to HRH Prince Mahidol as the role model and center of the heart of the members of Mahidol University.

2. Hall of fame – exhibits the history and achievement of the alumni who contributed to the society.

3. Prince Mahidol Courtyard – an activity ground that connects the outdoor theater and Chao Fah Garden, which is the location of the Prince Mahidol of Songkla statue. The courtyard is also used in freshmen welcoming ceremony or the re-birth, a part of historical tradition of becoming a true member in Mahidol University family.


The construction will take approximately 540 days, starting from Oct 2009 and complete in March 2011

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