Message from the President : Prof. Dr. Rajata Rajatanavin

Mahidol University has initiated a policy to make our campus green.

We established this policy for three main reasons. First, to provide our students and employees witha pleasant studying and working atmosphere. This is to enhance creativity and inspiration for learning,research and innovation. Second, this initiative is coupled with transformative education for our students. This is to cultivate in them the love of nature and preservation of the environment. Third, to stimulate and provide support for the practice of energy conservation in the campus.

We have accomplished this through mobilization of multiple strategies. We have made tremendous effort to plant thousands of trees in our campus. We invested in state of the art water treatment plant to ensure that no waste water contaminated our campus. We redesigned our roads to provide bicycle lane to promote safe commuting by wheels. We also provide trams as a mean of fuel-efficient transportation. Waste in the campus is well separated to enhance recycling. Preservation of the environment is designed in the curriculum as well as promotion of extracurricular activities to strengthen conservation of energy, for example, bicycle rally. This summer, a group of our students will serve at Kao Yai national park as park rangers.

We hope that the love of nature will be gradually assimilated into the soul of our students. Graduates of Mahidol University will eventually become a change agent to save our planet. Deforestation which is still rampant cannot be corrected through law or law enforcement alone but can only be corrected through consciences of new generation of Thai graduates.

Mahidol University strongly believes and commits to this noble course. We will continue to make every effort to save our environment and at the same time nurturing our graduates to become a leader of sustainable development.