On going projects

Sireerukachat Botanical Natural Learning Park


Sireerukachart Botanical Natural Garden was established in 1981 on the area of 31 rai (12.4 acre). The garden contains approximately 1,000 kinds of herbs and over 100,000 trees. It is considered the most complete site for learning about herbs in town. Recently, Mahidol University has a plan to develop this garden and surrounding reserve space of 171 rai (68.4 acre) to a world class conservation area. It will turn old traditional Thai wisdom into a model for modern environmental studies and plant conservation of Thailand. The botanical garden consists of 4 learning centers: Learning Center for Herbs, Herb Studies and Wetland Preservation Center, Center for Plant and Herb Genetic Conservation, and Center for Transformative Learning. In


Mahidol Sithakarn Auditorium

Main Auditorium Construction Project

Mahidol University plans to construct the Main Auditorium at the south side of the campus on a 54 acres land. It will be situated next to the botanical garden. The auditorium will be the center for learning and musical performance as well as hosting of national and international conferences. The auditorium will also be the site for academic service and art and cultural exhibition.

The concepts in the design

The concepts in the auditorium design are captured by the significance of Mahidol University as a prestigious higher education institution and the original intention of becoming the leader in medical education. The design emphasizes natural structure, blending traditional Thai styles and symbols. Plant and human structure will be used to develop physical structure and placement. Kan Phai Mahidol plant was also integrated with the Thai architecture in the design.

Special features of the building
  1. The architecture designed a double roof, using sound proof material as well as acoustic materials. The hall’s roof is laid out to create a visual and acoustically warm environment, which gear toward the sound resonance of the stage performance. The wood of the floor is unique, providing flexibility and durability. Outside the auditorium and surrounding compound is designed to use the natural sunlight.
  2. The unique engineer of the building will remove the bulky pillar. The construction emphasizes the clear visibility from the surrounding.
  3. The internal air control will utilize a displacement system with air flow coming from under the seats. Thus, the energy is conserved more as the energy will not be wasted to such a large headspace above the people.
  4. Special features – The design is carried out by a theater design specialist from England. The lighting, acoustic, and stage can be interchanged according to the type of event. Each audience in different seat will hear the same acoustic. The seat arrangement is unaligned to one another, giving the observer a clear view of the stage. The auditorium has 2 balconies. The stage elevator, orchestra elevator, change of backdrops and catwalk are specially designed features.
Components of the building

The building is 5 stories tall with 2 basements. A total of 31,426.37 m2 of space is available. The building consists of an auditorium with 2,002 seating capacity, Chalermprakiat Hall, a stage, an orchestra pit, exhibition hall, rehearsal room, performers’ prep room, engine room, and underground parking lot for 152 cars.

The Operations

Construction will take approximately 900 days. Construction was initiated in September 2009 and is expected to complete in February 2012.




photo credit : http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=993257&page=5